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🌟 Dopamine Dressing🌟

Dopamine Dressing jumps on the biohacking bandwagon. Think ice baths, vegan diets, etc. Basically, it states that what you wear can directly impact your mood and confidence. 💃🕺

Today, I put on my late grandmother’s gold & pearl necklace. It makes me happy remembering her as this stylish woman with popped collars, pearls and telling me to take smaller bites to be more lady like. I feel put together, and have my “3rd piece” (a stylist tip basically stating you should always have at least 3 pieces on at a time to look pulled together).

As a sustainable personal stylist based in beautiful Vancouver, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of dressing my clients in clothes that make them feel amazing. Whether it’s slipping into your favourite (eco-friendly) outfit or experimenting with bold pieces, dopamine dressing is all about embracing fashion that sparks joy. ✨

Not only does dopamine dressing allow you to express your unique style, but it also boosts your dopamine levels, leaving you feeling happier and more confident throughout the day.

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