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Global Climate Strike

Updated: 3 days ago

Greta Thunberg's recent speeches sparked a climate movement that culminated in the Global Climate Strike last Friday. It's said that 7.6 million people from around the world joined in these marches, but I feel like those numbers are a low estimate considering Vancouver, BC, Canada's march had almost 100,000 people in and of itself! The Vancouver Facebook group showed 27,000 people were to attend, but as the day came closer, I think social media helped spread Ms. Thunberg's message that something needed to be done, and soon. It rallied people to get out, make amazing signs and stand up to what they felt was the core cause of the collapse of our planet.

Anna Matin, Geoff Regier, Jason Neufeld, Shannah Rasmussen, Rebecca Spring

A woman named Anna who is so nice and we see at various protests throughout the year, joined forces and made literally the largest sign at the protest sharing her view, that going Vegan is THE way to turn the planet around. I share her view. And so does international rocker Moby who recently posted stats on his IG stating:

Harsh words, but when you feel this strongly about global climate change it's hard to deliver the message with a soft hand.

Yet I was struck that everyone in attendance didn't share the same belief. And also glad. Because in the end, if you are concerned about the planet, I think you will eventually draw the same conclusion. But along the way you will: create zero waste in your home or office; affect change in your local or provincial government ; make sure you are walking or taking public transit everywhere you go, etc. And to be totally honest, I can't say I am doing the above mentioned 100% of the time, not even close. So we all have room for improvement, there is space for conversation, and there should be applause for individual effort to move the needle on all these issues. If we're serious about having a planet for our kids to grow up on, we all need to jump on board today. Make the choice to wake up tomorrow and start: eating a plant based diet, walking to school, reaching out to our local government, or heck, even running for office. There's a 12 year window of time that we have to turn this thing around. 12 years! Let's not be the next dinosaurs. I want to share this beautiful planet with my kids, and grandkids. I want to take them to the rainforest, to the Sahara, to dive in the ocean and climb mountains with them.

Find me on Instagram and tell me what you are doing to affect global climate change!

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