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What people are buying this week at Nordstrom

Updated: Feb 21

It's that time of year again, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! And people are going mad for a few key pieces.

If you are new to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, it's the biggest, baddest sale they have once a year. Brand new Fall merch is marked on sale for 2 weeks; people clamor in to grab the most coveted items, and then prices go back up to full price.

Ever wanted a pair of designer shoes but couldn't stomach the price tag. Anniversary sale is your sale.

How about your old winter jacket that is missing a few buttons and could be updated from last decade? Anniversary sale is your sale.

Your hubby NEEDS a new pair a jeans and a suit for an upcoming wedding? Anniversary sale is his (read:your) sale!

I'm going to run us through a few looks inspired from the Fall runway:


The runway showed neutrals paired with a burst of colour for Fall, which is actually what Fall truly is if you think about it; grey clouds with a burst of vivid yellow, red and orange Autumn leaves. Chanel, my all time favourite, showed these exact colours in their Fall 2019 Ready-To-Wear show. To wear it off the runway, Nordstrom does a few really great Autumn inspired trenches.

Sale: CAD 253.26

Original Price After Sale: CAD 383.52


Alexander McQueen showed THE MOST amazing suiting this season. The exact right pleat, plaid, poof and bell sleeve ever imagined. Ok I digress, because all plaid doesn't have to be suiting, it can be like the wide leg, cropped pant shown above paired with a simple sweater or tee. It was shown in dresses, coats, lining and satchels as well.

Sale: CAD 154.64

Original Price After Sale: CAD 231.48


She didn't do many iterations of it, and it's normally a pattern saved for spring, but I do love the mini appearances of floral prints this fall for Stella McCartney. She always does it in a bold, New York City streets kinda way, and I love her for it. To wear off the runway, find a floral print you like and pair with a dark blazer, trouser or fall boot.

Sale: CAD 410.78

Original Price After Sale: CAD 636.92

If your curious about anything posted, just contact me and we'll have a quick chat about the pieces that are still available and if they would fit your current style, body type and colouring. I'll send you links to the items I think best suit your needs and the pieces will be delivered right to your home!

(If you live in Vancouver, book a session here:  . If not, I have virtual ways of helping you with your wardrobe as well. Also, my business grows by referral. If you know someone who could use a personal stylist, hubby maybe, or girlfriend, let me know! )

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