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What people are buying this week at Nordstrom

So as some of you know, this was my first week back to Nordstrom Vancouver after being on maternity leave for 15 months.

I was super nervous about going back to work after so many months off. Questions raced in my mind for weeks coming up to my return: How do I drop two kids off, and pick them up from school and work in between? Will everything have changed in the store and I'll feel so out of it? Will my clients come back to me? Well, I'll to ya, the universe has a way of making everything turn out if you ask for guidance. My husband helped a lot with the first stressor by helping with drop offs and pick ups until I get into the swing of it. The store had new product and new brands but I'm a quick study. I got to see some familiar faces who were beyond sweet to me on my first day; including my personal stylist coworkers and even store manager who welcomed me back with hugs and questions about the baby and my time off. All the moms in my life assured me things would work out. And my clients, well, they are the biggest reason I love my job and they came back with hugs, lists and challenges for me this week that I was excited to tackle.

So let's get into it.

This week was all about Fall clothing since the weather has turned chilly and rainy here in Vancouver; event dressing because it's the start of that season as well; and resort wear because I get to live vicariously through my clients travels abroad to warm climates in colourful clothing.

One of my favourite clients Lauren had a work gala that required 70s theme attire. She wasn't too thrilled about the forced participation until she saw the dressing room and pieces.

Since 70s is super in right now, I was able to offer her a wide range of product that didn't feel forced or costumey. In the end we went with a beautiful wrap dress (see white silk dress tucked back in the middle there) with the right 70s colour palette and pair of killer metallic heels. The best part, she will be able to reuse both pieces again and again, for work, dinners, drinks etc. Just pop on a blazer, a faux leather jacket, or a exaggerated sweater and she has numerous ways to wear the dress again. The metallic heels, well, those will pair back to everything!

For Fall clothing, I have this hilarious client named Sasha who gave me a list so long for her, hubby and her soon to be 1 year old that I didn't schedule anyone else for my first day back. She waited the entire 15 months of my maternity leave to come back and see me, and had worn the clothes we got her before I left so many times her mother was "getting sick of seeing her in the same 6 things all the time". And her daughter was turning 1 so she needed a few special pieces for her as well:

And finally, Chris, who came in who her hubby. They are ex-bikers who finally made it big with a business they've owned together for years and years and are finally spending time together and traveling a ton. (One day Travis, one day!) So we had fun finding left over summer sale, but then got to try on really special Designer Resort pieces as well. She looked stunning in this Brunello Cucinelli cashmere sparkle throw, (featured here on a model from the event the designer threw at the store), but because of fragility of care, she decided to go with the Stella McCartney "flag football" sweatshirt, as she called it, instead!

I had several others, some virtual clients in between, and I was happily sending pictures of dresses and handbags over to them. My week hummed along and before I knew it I was back home with Jasper, smelling the crook in his neck and picking up Anna from school. It was a good first week back and I can't wait until Monday again. That's pretty good to say, not a lot of people get to love going back to work.

(If you live in Vancouver, a 2 hour personal shopping experience is free at Nordstrom. Send me an email: to set up a time. If not, I have virtual ways of helping you with your wardrobe as well. Check out my pricing page here: Also, my business grows by referral. If you know someone who could use a personal stylist, hubby maybe, or girlfriend, let me know! )

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